Hello my name is Sienna. I have always been intrigued by the intricacies of the internet world. Over the years, I’ve picked up bits and pieces of knowledge along the way, and have come to understand that it has become user friendlier by the day. Because of this, I have decided to take it on and make it a part in this new chapter of my life, in hopes of meeting new people, discovering new things and most especially hopefully finding some things in common with some of you in my quests for finding natural and drug free relief to migraines, as well as with the everyday aches and pains that just comes with life. Having suffered from this condition for over 30 years is my motivation to reach out to seek help, and provide the same in this exciting online exchange and sharing of ideas and remedies.

If you’ve ever had a migraine or is a chronic sufferer, then you know how it can be debilitating, it sets you back a little, though mostly a lot, and simply messes up your day, or days, or even weeks if you’re like me. Medication can only give temporary relief, which is why I am very interested in finding nature’s way to relieve, if not cure it. Lifestyle change is a major step, and when paired with natural remedies and massage therapy can surely work wonders and provide one with pain free days. I am always excited to get my hands on new things or remedies for migraine free living, and I am also happy to share what I’ve found to help any migraine sufferer achieve the same. People with migraines have different levels of tolerance, pain levels, triggers, etc. Understanding all this, and your personal journey I believe is key to getting it less and less, and hopefully no more of the episodes in the long run.

One thing that has helped me on those very bad episodes is having the company of my dog Sami. He is such a darling, very comforting and tender, with the sweetest unconditional love anyone could ask for. (I love you Sami!)

Please connect with me if you have any questions or concerns, or would just like to share something..it is always welcome.

All the best,