Finding Peace and Happiness Through Yoga Meditation

Meditation is a holistic approach of looking into your physical, mental and spiritual self to find peace, contentment and infinite bliss. Yoga is a practice that not only includes the physical postures that we commonly know of, but it is in itself a lifestyle and is the main technique of meditation. It is this comprehensive system and combination that will give you the full experience of peace and infinite bliss.

The best times to meditate are in the morning, and in the evening before meals.

You can practice meditation anywhere in your home where it is quiet, clutter-free and without disruption – a corner of your bedroom, on the balcony, or a peaceful spot outdoors. It is important to not have electronic, and computer devices within your reach as these are distractions that will not allow you to focus. Once you’ve found a quiet and comfortable area in your home or outdoors, let this be your meditation spot.

Wear non-restrictive clothing such as a kaftan or yoga wear. On the floor, sit cross-legged on a yoga mat or a blanket that you’d only use for meditation. If unable to stay in this position, use cushions or a meditation pillow to prop yourself up to relieve the pressure on the legs and to keep the back straight.

With your eyes closed and your hands on crossed legs in open palm position, focus on your breathing as you start to relax, concentrating on your mantra. The sound of a mantra (a phrase which liberates the mind) is a very powerful way of focusing the mind on the feeling of bliss. The mantra must be something meaningful to you and your mind can focus on; with a particular vibration or rhythm (om), and a positive belief or uplifting positive thoughts.

Imagine that you’re sitting at a very calm and serene place surrounded by infinite peace and happiness. Repeat within your mind your mantra, thinking of the meaning in rhythm with your breathing. Concentrate and continue for as long as you like. Through the rhythmic concentration on the mantra, the mind gradually frees the body of pain and negativity, stress and tension as it opens up to peace, contentment and happiness.

Finish off your session with deep relaxation. Lie on your back on the same mat or blanket, and starting from the feet to the top of your head, make sure every inch of your whole body is relaxed and free from any tension. Your breathing should be calm and relaxed. Focus and imagine being in a very soothing and peaceful place and enjoy this quiet moment. Stay in this position for a few minutes before slowly getting up and moving on to your daily activities.

As you get to meditate on a regular basis (two times a day is ideal), you will find it gets easier to concentrate and stay focused. It is very helpful and a great habit to repeat your mantra throughout the rest of the day. This will give you a continued feeling of calm, contentment and happiness.



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